AERART vault coming soon




The AERVAULT is a sacred database we have created which contains ALL of the artwork by Alejandra Estefania. It is a  “lock box” of sketches, hand-written poetry, original paintings, and prints. 

The Vault Value is appraised every year based on the continuous ascension of Alejandra Estefania’s career.

Alejandr Estefania artwork

WHY does the AERVAULT Exist?

It is important to protect and assess Art so it may continue to reach its determined value over time. 


The promise to our Community of Collectors  is to ensure the art is at its highest level of exclusivity and quality for every exchange. 


We at AERART, LLC control what is created, sold, and reproduced. With the security of the AERVAULT, every single work of art will continue to appreciate in VALUE over time.



We intentionally release artwork(s) through inspired action and global experiences. The releases are for a limited time and are announced to our collectors so they may continue to have tangible access to Alejandra’s work.