“My divine purpose is to use my life’s work to educate communities on the healing properties of art. In turn, we will shift the human mindset and create a path so individuals may heal their own lives and cultivate true spiritual freedom.”

-Alejandra Estefania



Alejandra Estefania was born in Guayaquil, Ecuador in 1989. She moved to the United States at the age of four with her mother and older brother. Together they survived in a small town in North Carolina. After years of different attempts, she and her family finally became citizens after her sixteenth birthday. Not long after, she moved out on her own. After attempting college, she eventually dropped out and took some time for herself. 

"I was in a very lost state during those first few years of being on my own. I didn't know who I was, or what my purpose was in life. I was also dealing with the aftermath of various substantial traumas which had occurred throughout my life. 

I had reached a point where I had decided it was just...all too much. One day, I was sitting in my car, drenched in tears and suffering from severe depression. I felt as if, it was all kind of over for me. I then did something I hadn't done since I was a child, I prayed. 

Story from Alejandra Estefania

I said the prayer that would inevitably change the course of my entire life. I prayed for God to give my life a purpose...The next morning I awoke from a dream with the words loud and clear, GO PAINT"

At 21 years old, Alejandra moved to Miami with less than $100 and followed her purpose. She attended the Miami International University of Art & Design. In 2014, she graduated with her BFA and has been a full time artist ever since.

Alejandra has used her ART to uplift communities and has found a unique way to communicate with those around her. She has worked with shelters, schools, local neighborhoods, and charities. Her message rings consistently and the art speaks for itself. Alejandra has partnered with respectable brands such as Bacardi, Nike, Carnaval Miami, Sargent Art, and many more.

"Everyday I'm blown away by the power ART continues to have in my life and those around me. Everyday I follow the voice inside and allow myself to become the woman that I'm meant to become. I keep myself grounded in faith and trust that as long as I listen and create with intention, the mission will continue to expand." -Alejandra Estefania

The beggining of AERART

The Beginning of

"I learned very early in my career that I wanted to do things differently than what I had seen in the Fine Art industry. I wanted to own all the rights to my work, have personal relationships with my collectors, and form a genuine creative community."

-Alejandra Estefania


In 2017, Alejandra Estefania and her older brother Daniel Rodriguez, incorporated AERART LLC. Together, they have built AERART from the ground up. As of 2021, AERART has cultivated collectors in over 16 countries, including Ecuador. They have created a personal community of over 500 collectors. AERART vowed to create jobs for immigrants, women, and POC (People of Color). They have successfully created a brand that pushes the message of community, love, and oneness. AERART uses their resources to donate art and time to those who need it most. AERART has also established a private mentorship where Alejandra shares her knowledge and network with up and coming young artists of color. 

“We are here to serve, to unite, and spread the light connecting us all.”


Daniel CFO



“I'm Daniel Rodriguez, Alejandra's older brother, business partner, and CFO to AERART. I am also a serial entrepreneur of 10 years so I very much enjoy the process of creation. I'm a rootin' tootin' navy veteran who learned to sing songs of hope when times are darkest. In conclusion, I enjoy long walks on the beach and sunsets with my wife and daughter. Overall, my general contributions include, but are not limited to, leadership, financial guidance, sales management, and engineering effective systems.I am a part of AERART because I believe in Alejandra's vision for her Art and the power of its message to impact people globally. I believe Art is a fancy word for Hope and I am honored to be in this creative journey alongside her.”

Grecia Project Manager



"I am a project manager and all things logistics! Im here to execute the visions on board and I leave nothing undone. I have a background in Fine Art so I understand FULLY the power of art. I'm constantly pushing our team to kneed out the details so we can finish the job to the best of our ability. I make sure there is no stone unturned. My personal motto is one that aligns perfectly with AERART, let's spread this light."



“AKA, the “tech guy”. I am passionate about learning and finding ways to help others grow using the latest technology out there. Along my journey, I use every form of art as inspiration, because I believe in the true value it holds. With the use of technology and AERART’s mission, I realized there was a lot of potential to inspire and help others through Alejandra’s work. I am determined to stay inspired and apply that energy to those we connect with.”



"I’m the Art Consultant for Alejandra.  I handle all of the personal exchanges we create at AERART. I work diligently to connect all of our collectors with the right piece of art that speaks to their soul!  

To have the opportunity to speak about how much her art inspires me as a woman is one of my favorite aspects about my job.  

What ignites me the most, is hearing from our collectors about what inspires and moves them about their favorite artworks. That is the power of art after all.”