Journal Entry

September 8th, 2020


"What good is a job well done if you’re the only one that benefits?

Is there such a thing as legacy if no one cares to hear it? There is no win that is won alone. There is no triumph if you’re celebrating without love. It doesn’t matter how much you accomplish if your hands are stained with malice and unnerving selfishness.


Remember, everything leaves a trail. So leave yours. Leave it honest, leave it kindly, leave it passionately. And whatever you do, just do it with love."



"Let us not forget that our young girls are watching and learning from us everyday. I pray that we lead them into becoming strong, powerful, beautiful women. Whatever I may share of my experiences, I will give. Let these stories make their way to the youth who will follow our footsteps."

March 8th, 2018

Speaking Engagement, Enieda M. Hartner Elementary.

Screen Shot 2021-07-06 at 10.11.20 AM.png


"As the Art Director  & mentor for TSI, i get to lead our fellows into expressive creative conversations. I also get to lead them into steps on how to actively change their lives. It's such an honor to be a mentor as I get to share all I've learned with young creatives who need this information the most."

February 10th, 2019

TSI Mentorship Program, Fort Lauderdale



"Outsdie the Lines cultivated 2000 guests in a single evening. We had some of the most brilliant, creative artists gathered for a very bright night. Thank you to my fellow curators for helping me bring this to life. It is always an honor to co create with artists whom I admire."

December 9th, 2019

Outside the Lines Art Basel Event.



"Little woman, big dreams. Thank you HopeMurals for choosing me as the female artist to execute the Maya Angelou. With the help of the young girls from the Juvenile Center, we were able to finish off and honor this incredible woman. The relationships i built with the girls was priceless and I’m honored that I can use my work to inspire confidence and growth.Blessings."

June 6th, 2018

Mural with females at Juvenile Detention Center.



"GET READY!!! ‘Outside the Lines’ is going to be absolutely amazing! Thank you to @nbc6  & @jawannbc6 for bringing light to this community art initiative that is dedicated to bringing opportunities to artists of color, can’t wait!!! Thank you to all the sponsors for helping bring this vision to life! And all the artists....you all belong there."


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December 5th, 2019

Outside the Lines Community Initiative.



"So many things happening at once...I just want to take a moment and reflect on this mural I finished recently. While painting this I had numerous people from the community of Hallandale Beach come up and ask me if I was painting their neighbor, if I was painting them, if it was so and so down the road...? It was amazing because that’s exactly why I do what I do. So that people may see themselves in my work and feel important, vibrant, empowered, loved. You have to go to the heart of these places and connect with any and all. You must be willing to invest in those that need it most. It’s easy to sit in a glamorous room with fancy people in expensive clothes and discuss the importance of art. But that’s not where the art is. It’s in the streets, on the corners, in the neighborhoods, in the schools, in the places with no price tags. It’s found in the heart and soul of us all. 

November 3rd, 2019

ArtServe Hallandale Mural